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  1. As an artist, do I own the rights to my recording?

  2. Can I approve the set before it goes up?

  3. Can I record in app and delay the publishing of a set for a later date?

  4. Can we sell something physical to fans at the show such as download cards?

  5. Como se van a ver afectadas las ventas de discos?

  6. Do I need to create an account to use

  7. Do we need to get venue approval prior to recording?

  8. Do you handle paying out publishing royalty payments?

  9. Does report to SoundScan?

  10. Estos son algunos consejos para la generar atención para tus grabaciones de!

  11. Hay manera de aprobar el set antes de publicarlo?

  12. How do I download the MP3?

  13. How do I get a good mix?

  14. How do I get paid?

  15. How much should I sell my set for?

  16. How should I promote my recordings?

  17. I believe that one of your songs is violating my copyright. How do I request you remove it under DMCA law?

  18. I covered a song during my performance, how do I pay the associated fees?

  19. I created an Artist Account but my manager wants access, can I add another user to my account?

  20. I don't have an iPad or laptop, can I still record?

  21. I don't have any recording equipment, what do I need to get started?

  22. I recorded a set but no longer want it up on the site, can I take it down?

  23. I'm trying to upload images, what sizes work best?

  24. Is there a way to review the recording before it goes live?

  25. Should I sell my set or give it away for free?

  26. Soy un artista. Son mios los derechos de las grabaciones?

  27. The recording is not what I expected, can I request a refund?

  28. What does the legal agreement entail?

  29. What format are the recordings in?

  30. What if we promote the sets to our fans, but end up not liking the recording and don’t publish it?

  31. What instructions do I need to give to a sound engineer?

  32. What is the recording quality like?

  33. What portable/standalone digital recorders do you recommend?

  34. What recording software is your plugin compatible with?

  35. What type of room mic should I use?

  36. What's the revenue split?

  37. When I'm creating my set, what's the difference between Public and Draft?

  38. Where can I listen to my recordings?

  39. Will I be able to know what city someone downloaded a set from?

  40. Will this affect my record sales?

  41. ¿Cómo me pagan?

  42. ¿Cuando estoy creando mi set ¿cuál es la diferencia entre publicado (Publish) y proyecto( Draft)?

  43. ¿Cuánto debo cobrar por mi set?

  44. ¿Debo vender mi musica o regalarla?

  45. ¿Estoy tratando de subir imágenes, qué tamaños funcionan mejor?

  46. ¿Hay manera de vender tarjetas de descarga o algo físico a los aficionados en el concierto?

  47. ¿He creado una Cuenta de Artista, pero mi gerente quiere acceder, se puede añadir a otro usuario a mi cuenta?

  48. ¿Qué pasa si promovemos los sets a nuestros fans, pero terminamos decidiendo que no nos gusta la grabación y no la queremos publicar?

  49. ¿Quien maneja el pago de la publicación de los pagos de regalías?

  50. ¿Se puede saber en que ciudad sucedió una descarga?

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